A priority of my trip to Indonesia was to meet up with the dearest Sabrina (whose skin was so flawless that I did not believe she didn't have any foundation on!) and boy, it definitely felt as if this was some kind of long distance pen-pal / dating thing. It was absolutely fantastic meeting her, which began with a confession about a fear of how each other was potentially a 49 year old men, using a 20-something year old girl's identity as a hook, to a night filled with laughter and gossip bits, till which we forgot to do our collab idea.

She got me some local bits and bobs which I'm grateful for because I wouldn't have known where to look for! Fair warning though, some of the photos are a bit blurry because I just purchased a new camera and have no idea on how to work the macro functions properly!

Wardah Matte Lipstick in #14

She knows that I don't owe any mauve coloured lipsticks and sure enough, that's what she got for me. This lipstick is not completely matte, instead it has a creamy texture which leaves a soft sheen on the lips. Girls with dry lips should note that this will exaggerate the lines on your lips so make sure your lips are moisturised! I felt very grown up and corporate when I applied this, so it shall be my go to lipstick for formal events.

Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-Black Liner

Anyway, I personally do not use an eyeliner for the simple reason of I don't know how to. I will always have uneven cat-flicks! So, this is great because of its super sharp applicator, as it allows me to start with small, short strokes and slowly build it up. It lasted the entire day and did not lose any of its intensity.

Spoil Organics Tea Tree Oil

Homegirl knows me well - she got me something to help banish those pesky blemishes. But first thing's first, you gotta admit that the name of the company is kind of a big mistake. I mean, I understand that they are trying to tell us to spoil, as in pamper, our skin, but some may just think that it is to destroy it!

Anyway, the only other tea tree oil I've tried was from The Body Shop, and comparing between this and that, this feels thicker and stings more, which I think is a sign of it killing those bacteria.

Lavie Luxury Faux Lashes in Elle

As a fan of natural looking lashes, I am always on the hunt for a mascara that will darken and lengthen my lashes (hello Tarte Gifted!), however I've never thought of giving faux lashes a go! These lashes look extremely safe for beginners and I can't wait to try them on for my next fancy event.

Again, I'd like to thank Sabrina (check her detailed beauty blog here) for her warm hospitality and these beauty treats!

xx, f

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